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Timber Purchasing and Marketing

Ware Forest would like to purchase your  hardwood or pine timber.  Our loggers are capable of thinning or clear-cutting your timber to your specifications. Our wetland loggers are capable of logging the most extreme areas with a minimum impact to the environment.  With access to over 75 markets in Georgia, Florida and Alabama, Ware Forest can help you receive top dollar for your timber.

Timber Appraisal

Through this service we can help you make timber management and marketing decisions. An accurate appraisal will give you insight into the current state and market value of your timber.

Timber Management

A sign of good Timberland Stewardship is to have a Timber Management Plan in place.  Ware Forest can write Timber Management Plans that are customized to your long term timber management goals.


Ware Forest also buys and sells timberland.  We would be interested in talking with you if your land is for sale.  Please contact us directly for timberland available for sale.



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